Mark Ruffalo Discusses Bernie With Beard-y Man

[Sanders] is poised to beat her in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary while giving the former secretary of state and New York senator a run for her money in what for Clinton is must-win contest in her adopted home state. So why would the Democratic Socialist Vermont senator, his wife Jane, and key strategists of his presidential juggernaut have cooperated with a front-page New York Times post-mortem that suggests the race for the Democratic nomination is all but over?

“This one was bewildering,” former Obama strategist David Axelrod told The Daily Beast as the media-political complex greeted the Times piece—especially the Sanders campaign’s willing participation in it—with widespread astonishment. By most accounts, the story reflected a conspicuous lapse of political tradecraft for an inspiring campaign that, until now, has Elizabeth Warrenwildly exceeded expectations. “It was the sort of piece you do after the candidate drops out of the race,” Axelrod continued. “It isn’t the sort of piece you do the day before the candidate is about to win the Wisconsin primary, especially when it contains the sort of recriminations about Bernie himself—‘If you just let us do what we wanted to do, we might have won this thing.’ That was surprising.”

“It’s a post-mortem before they’re dead,” marveled veteran Democatic strategist Joe Trippi, who ran the presidential campaign of another anti-establishment Vermonter, Howard Dean, until it ended with a scream in the 2004 Iowa caucuses. “None of it makes sense to me.” MORE

SALON: Media critics have for months blown the whistle on bias against Bernie Sanders. Progressive media watchdog FAIR has thoroughly documented how slanted the U.S. corporate media has been in favor of Wall Street-backed, corporate-friendly candidates like Hillary Clinton. Studies have even shown that Donald Trump gets 23 times as much coverage as Sanders, even though the Vermont senator is more popular among Americans. A case study in how this media bias works was exposed this week, in none other than the U.S. newspaper of record. An anonymous user on the blogging website Medium revealed how the New York Times substantially edited an article about Sanders’ long history of legislative victories, excising the more positive facts and comments. MORE