The Answer My Friend Is Balling In The Win


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FOX SPORTS: Iverson’s career was controversial, transcendent and breathtaking. On the court, he was a fearless jackrabbit, an untraceable switchblade who danced around defenders with an unprecedented combination of creativity and toughness. The four-time scoring champ provided countless memories, too. If you saw him do something meaningful on a basketball court, there’s a good chance you still remember exactly where you were and who you saw it with. Iverson had a way of stitching himself in your memory; he was a true entertainer. In his honor, here’s a ranking of the top five on-court moments from his 14-year career. MORE

BLEACHER REPORT: Allen Iverson’s post-basketball life has been almost as full of intrigue and frustration as his time in the NBA. The latest chapter being written as his ex-wife tells police that Iverson has abducted their five children. Iverson’s days in the NBA were filled with excitement, but ultimately disappointment as he tried time and time again to come up with something more than personal achievement. He was never able to come away with a championship, even though he’ll be remembered as one of the most thrilling shooting guards in the history of the game. Ever since his last days in the league, Iverson has been looking for a way to get back, ultimately failing up to this point. Bumps in the road have turned into full-blown roadblocks, and it’s starting to seem as if any kind of return to the league is a far-fetched dream as personal troubles begin to mount yet again. Read on to really get an understanding of what’s gone down with Iverson ever since he left the NBA. MORE

PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE: I tell her about Iverson’s nightlife in America — how he used to go to a Friday’s on City Avenue all the time, and when things got a little chaotic there, when it was no longer so cool for Iverson to drink 40s out of a bag, leaning against his Bentley parked in a handicapped spot, he slipped across the street to Houlihan’s. He would show up with two or three or five guys, sometimes popping in around midnight after a game, drink Coronas, play poker with his boys at the bar. And the women would show up. They would line a low wall behind him. A half-dozen. Ten. Twelve. Fifteen. They would preen and wait. Finally, Iverson would nod to one of his posse, and his guy would go over to the one in the line he wanted and tell her to join them. She’d have a drink with Iverson. In a little while, he would leave. And then she would, a moment later. MORE