INCOMING: Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock

Audio Social Dissent Tour


THIRD MAN RECORDS: In 2015, Third Man Records was blessed to the bone to round out their year by releasing three records of articulate American punk, rock and noise. The media had Third Man Record’s back and agreed that they were onto something. Pitchfork commented that on Wolf Eyes’ I Am a Problem: Mind In Pieces “each track oozes with eerie tones and seat-edge momentum, such that something terrifying seems to always lurk around the corner.” New Noise Magazine said Timmy’s Organism’s Heartless Heathen “merges psyche, hard rock and proto-punk into one ripping sound, ” and Brooklyn Vegan called VIDEO’s “New Immortals” “loud, taut, sneery, angular punk heavy on the attitude.” It was a surreal and fateful delight for TMR to share with you all. Without getting too gooey, you can rest assured there will be more to follow.

“Third Man has been itching to put something together like this for years and these bands are the perfect emissaries for the mission of shaking people out of passively viewing bands in fields (hereby known as the ‘Festival Gaze’) and instead participating and having their heads ripped off when the sound of the streets creeps out of the sewers and into a packed out sweaty and loud venue. See these bands together in this context and it might just change a life,” said Third Man Records co-founder Ben Swank.

Starting now. For the first time since TMR opened their doors and buffed their floors, with the help and hard work of the tireless professionals over at Flowerbooking, they are proud to present the Audio Social Dissent 2016 Package Tour, hitting no less than twenty-seven American cities, WHICH STOPS AT JOHNNY BRENDA’S ON THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18TH. That’s Timmy’s Organism, Video, Wolf Eyes and Regression 696 — A rare incarnation of trip metal expertise (Feat. Nate Young & Crazy Jim) not ever ever everrrr witnessed outside of Detroit. But it wouldn’t be a true TMR affair if it were just greasy riffs, dadaist rock wreckage, and furious punker spit. MORE

BLUE ROOM SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Jack Lawrence “Silver Flying Machine”

This is our new favorite song on Earth, FYI.