OK GO: Upside Down & Inside Out

TECH CRUNCH: To create the video, the S7 Airlines plane flew up and down in a wave-like path. This parabolic motion created the sensation of zero gravity for the band members who were free-falling inside the plane. Parabolic flights have been around for decades. They’ve been used to train astronauts, conduct science experience, shoot movies like nasa-parabolic-planeApollo 13, and even conduct photo shoots like Kate Upton’s famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit ZeroG shoot. During parabolic flights passengers experience periods of hypergravity (typically around 1.8 times gravity) and microgravity (close to 1 millionth the force of gravity you feel while standing on the surface of Earth). Typically, these flights will generate about 20-25 seconds of hypergravity and 25-30 seconds of weightlessness.  If you watch closely, you can point out periods during the OK Go video where the band members are experiencing hypergravity, meaning the plane was beginning to accelerate up the curve of the wave. MORE