CONTEST: Win Tix To Low’s Sold Out Show @ JB’s



The sadcore avatars of Low are a proverbial riddle wrapped in enigmas: The infinite reverb, the psychotropic tremolos, the barbituated tempos, the endless Sphinx-like silences between the notes, the darkness at the edge of Duluth, the Mormonism, the Rihanna cover, the fact that the lead singer of Led Zeppelin is the president of their fan club, the 2005 breakdown in a remote cabin in the woods where singer-guitarist Alan Sparhawk’s became convinced he was the Antichrist and refused to open his eyes or speak for days, and the fact that after 22 years of soft parading they are more popular than ever. These are questions that have puzzled philosophers and theologians and rock critics down through the ages. Don’t expect answers when you go to see them play a way sold-out show at Johnny Brenda’s on Monday in support of the new and altogether swell Ones And Sixes (Sub Pop) just count your blessings that the soft-rock gods have smiled upon thee with a pair of impossible-to-get-tickets courtesy of your old pal Phawker. To get said soft-rock gods to smile upon you must do the following: A) Friend us on Facebook B) follow us on Twitter C) send an email to PHAWKER66@GMAIL.COM telling us you have done so, or already do, along with your full name and a mobile number for confirmation. Put the magic words I COULD LIVE IN HOPE in the subject line. Good luck and godspeed!