Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Does Not Forgive Or Forget

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“Somewhere around 1956 or, there was this guy by the name of Bob Horn who did American Bandstand from the Philadelphia Arena, which was located at 46th & Market, in West Philadelphia. He got busted for a certain which isn’t necessary to discuss at the present time, and the when Dick Clark took over Bandstand. And when h did, he started off at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He called me to open his first show for him. He was so pleased with the opening that he asked me to stay over and do the show the second day also. His parting words to me were ‘If I can ever do anything for you, don’t hesitate to call me.’ And then when I made ‘Shattered’ and a few other records for Decca, I sent word to Dick Clark, asking him if he would please play my records on his show. The reply which I got back was: ‘Who’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins?’ So I said, To hell with you too, Jack. Man, there’s some assholes in this business. Some real assholes. People forget. Quickly.” — Screaming Jay Hawkins, as told to Nick Tosches in Unsung Heroes Of Rock N’ Roll