CINEMA: Win Tix To See A Special VIP Advance Screening Of Ridley Scott’s THE MARTIAN

The Martian


Just a little reality check: This Pope sh*t ain’t gonna last forever, Joy Boy. Then what are you gonna do with your life? Here’s one option, go see a special VIP advanced screening of the THE MARTIAN, starring Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney, mistakenly left for dead on Mars by his crew mates. But in fact, he is not dead. It will take four years for a NASA rescue mission to reach him and he only has enough food and oxygen to last a month. Solution? “I’m gonna have to science the sh*t out of this,” says Watney. What follows is a tense, tragicomic deep-space thriller — think MacGyver On Mars — and an amazing performance by Damon. This is easily Ridley Scott’s best film since BLADE RUNNER. Maybe his best film ever. We have several pairs of tickets to see a special advance screening of THE MARTIAN at University City Penn 6 on Tuesday at 7:30 PM. To qualify to win you need to A) sign up for our emailing list, below right of this post, underneath the masthead. Trust us, you want to be on this list. Among other things, you get early warnings on cool tix giveaways like this one, along with breaking news updates and weekly content summaries so you never miss a post. B) send us an email at telling us you are signed up for our mailing list along with C) the correct answer to the following  trivia question: What is the name of the first man to walk on the moon? Put the magic words LIFE ON MARS in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and a mobile number for verification. Good luck and godspeed!