DEAD WEATHER: I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)

New album, DODGE & BURN, drops September 25th.

PREVIOUSLY: Jack White has a new band! And he’s the drummer! That’s right, he is now recording with THREE different groups, not to mention putting out a solo single, managing a record label, and being in a movie this year. You would think the man would be stretched thin by now between all his commitments, but apparently he thrives on having to do a lot of stuff, judging from the non-existent drop in quality. This album is much darker than anything he has done before, lyrically and musically, with songs like “So Far From Your Weapon” and a reverb coating on everything. Singer Alison Mosshart from The Kills shows off her raw vocal chops, as fuzzed-out guitar and bass pile up beneath her wailings. The songs have heavy grooves as well, with huge sounding riffs that jump up out of nowhere to bludgeon your face before slinking back into the dark. What is important about this album however, is it’s very real, earthy sound. It’s all recorded on analog tape, and the guitars are intentionally tube-overdriven for a warm sound. In one song you can even hear the crickets chirping through the windows in the studio. This is what Jack White is trying to bring back to music, the connection to something real. MORE