Allentown Cop Brutally Body Slams 61-Year-Old Man For The Crime Of Singing Beach Boys’ Songs

THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT: A 61-year-old Pennsylvania man, Jim Osche likes to go out into public and sing as a means of relieving stress. On Friday, however, Osche’s stress relief would be met with police brutality. As Osche walked down the sidewalk in front of Shula’s Steakhouse in downtown Allentown, the restaurant guests seemed to be pleasantly receptive. Many of them pulled out their phones to record this cheerful man giving his rendition of Beach Boys, Barbara Ann. After wrapping up his song, though, Osche was met with police violence instead of applause. Osche seemed to be agitated by the police presence and looked to have heated words with the officer. However, at no time did Osche touch or otherwise warrant the violent action that followed. MORE