CINEMA: To Live And Die In Twin Peaks

THE ADVOCATE: A Brooklyn, N.Y., filmmaker who previously told the story of a teen obsessed with porn is teaming up with the creator of the otherworldly film Tarnation to tell a strange story of a teen whose life revolved around the show Twin Peaks. But they need your help to do it.Travis Blue’s childhood in a small Washington town was turned upside down one day when he stumbled across a film crew shooting Northwest Passage, as the show was then called. Fascinated by the transformation of his hometown into a fictional world, Blue skipped school to watch the filming of the iconic scene in which Laura Palmer’s body is discovered wrapped in plastic. He couldn’t have known then how his life would come to mirror Laura’s, but before long Blue found himself descending into a world of drug abuse and homelessness in an attempt to escape abuse and deal with his emerging sexuality. Throughout it all, he fixated on Twin Peaks as a model for his life, idolizing the character of Laura. MORE

KICKSTARTER: Ours is the first film to explore the impact of David Lynch’s cult masterpiece Twin Peaks using one superfan’s incredible true story. As a child, Travis Blue looked for an escape from cruelty and abuse he endured, and he soon found it the day he came across David Lynch and his crew filming Twin Peaks – then titled Northwest Passage – in his own hometown. Travis became fascinated with the idea that his world could be transformed into a fictional place as weird and wondrous as Twin Peaks.Travis formed a connection with Laura Palmer, the tragic, mysterious figure at Twin Peaks‘ core. His obsession with the series took him to the Twin Peaks Fan Festivals, where he had wild adventures and found friends. But as he entered his teenage years and his sexuality began to surface, Travis turned to Laura – who wielded power over the men in Twin Peaks – as a role model, and he began to do the things she did – from using drugs to sex work – which drew him closer and closer to the show’s darker side and put him at risk of suffering Laura’s tragic fate. Our film begins with Travis’ earliest memories of the show’s production, then traces his 12-year-journey to come to terms with the traumatic experiences in his life and figure out who he really was. MORE