Cheers Elephant, the Philly-turned-LA progenitors of so-called “chew it up, spit it out, rock and roll” spat out a new song last Friday called “Airliner.” The new song comes on the heels of “Speak Think,” released a month ago, and is one more reason to believe that a new album is in the offing. “Airliner” — like most Cheers Elephant songs, boasts an uber-catchy melody, slammin’ beat and freaky-chill vocal harmonies — is right in line with the Elephants’ recent trend of getting greater with every song they release. Hard to say what it’s all about beyond the fact that they came up with a way to turn the word ‘airliner’ into an earworm. Truth be told, it’s hard to tell if their name check of the City Of Brotherly Love is pimping our ride or throwing shade: “I’m gonna tell you what it’s like Philadelphia/I aint got no path, I’ve got no dreams Cinderella/
Yeah, I’ve got no line in my silverlining.” An oblique reference to our beloved Rocky Cinderella story/creation myth? Or the 700 Level-style Upper Darby-ness of Silver Linings Playbook? No matter, every time I hear them sing ‘aiiiiiiiiiiirliiiiiiiiin-ER’ all is forgiven. –TOM BECK