CINEMA: Killing Drake

Very impressive NYU student film about a college dude so obsessed with Drake that he goes Mark David Chapman on his idol to save him the ignominy of impending mediocrity. It’s a lot funnier than it sounds on paper.

The premise of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, a short film about an obsessive Drake fan, is cribbed from a Biggie track off of Life After Death, but also from a long legacy of fans-turned-killers: “It’s almost like you’re nobody until somebody kills you,” the film’s unnamed protagonist paraphrases, before preparing a plan to murder Drake so that he can live forever by dying at his peak. The project, written and directed by NYU student Chris Cole for a final class project, turns the title of Drizzy’s latest record into a death threat, slowly revealed through a macabre monologue in which the fan in question intersperses Drake lyrics and references with stan-level insight about the rapper’s importance, and concludes that nothing would be worse than following up his Coachella 2015 performance with another letdown. MORE