INCOMING: Knock Knock, It’s Tig Notaro

Wherein the famed funny lady/Taylor Dane-stalking lesbian cancer survivor treks cross-country playing the living rooms and back yards of super fans. Presumably awkward hilarity ensues, given that awkward has always been her sweet spot, and hilarity her forte. First episode airs 9:30 pm Friday on Showtime.

If Tig Notaro never existed we would have never thought to invent her, which not only points out the shortcomings of our imagination but also the depths of her originality. A tall drink of water in low-slung jeans with Billie Jean King hair, she speaks in a laconic drawl that is either medicated or chill to the point of Zen. She doesn’t so much tell jokes as construct these elaborate verbal Rube Goldberg Devices Of Funny and at the end, when you finally stop laughing, you’re like ‘I can’t believe that worked.’  MORE