MUST SEE TV: Dead Milkman Goes To Anhedonia

Rodney Anonymous, of Dead Milkmen fame, joins the cast of Welcome to Anhedonia, the most punk rock puppet show ever created. Rodney made his first appearance as Mr. Good, proprietor of Mr. Good’s Clown Pound, and returns as the spokesperson for College University. Anonymous joins other puppet and humanoid cast members Scram, Artie and Jef, in their continuing adventures in a place only known as Anhedonia. The show is hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike Jef Connectorkit, who lives in a kaleidoscopic world where puppets are probable and anything is possible. The son of a human mother and ruthless, monster/tycoon father, Jef doesn’t feel at home anywhere, including his own house where Scram, Artie and Harry, his unhinged monster roommates are usually about to burn it to the ground. Jef’s quiet inner struggles are often set aside to deal with his explosive outer struggles as he (sometimes literally) puts out fires in the wake of his friends’ antics. Torn between winning his monster father’s approval and forging his own human identity, Jef sometimes just settles for making it through the day alive. Check it out. More where that came from.