BEING THERE: Excision @ The Electric Factory



Last night at the Electric Factory, dubstep demon Excision and partners in crime Protohype & Minnesota collectively tore the Factory and its sold out crowd all a new one. 150,000 watts of PK sound and the Executioner stage setup served for a visceral assault of screeching synths and physically violent sub bass, which sent massive vibration through the bones, esophagus and eyeballs among other body parts. Every kick was a punch in the throat as Excision blew through a 90 minute attack of overwhelming visuals and bass, constantly sending the crowd into in-sync headbanging frenzies with tracks like “Bounce” and “Raise Your Fist.” Ending with a ridiculous encore including the massive “Get Stupid”, Excision did the Electric Factory the dirtiest he’s ever done it to this day. — DYLAN LONG