REALITY SHOW: If Comcast Was Your Boyfriend



INDEPENDENT JOURNAL REVIEW: Back in October, we reported on Comcast once again making the number one spot on’s list of the worst companies in America, taking out Sea World, Walmart and Monsato in the “final four.” Some key issues with the company are highlighted in the video: MORE

PHAWKER: If Comcast is your boyfriend, believe me, you have a lot bigger problems than him not showing up on time. Wait until he starts slapping you around with completely arbitrary fees, like charging you $6 for the pleasure of paying your bill over the phone with an actual Comcast representative, or that $8 a month rental fee on his shitty router that he insists on keeping at your house, or the $15 a month he makes you pay because he has some weird retro fetish with landlines, knowing fully well you’ll never use it. Or the $20 bucks month he expects you to give him for the new and improved but still only 10th fastest Internet service in the world. Tenth. We’re tenth. USA! USA! And good luck trying to break up with him, he’ll swear to you he’s gonna change and sweet talk you with free HBO or put you on hold for hours until you just give up on breaking up with him. There should be a shelter that consumers can go to escape an abusive relationship with a cable/Internet provider, and a Cable Court that issues restraining orders. Most of all, there should be some kind of regulatory agency that polices the communications marketplace and ensures that predatory cable company boyfriends don’t acquaintance rape their consumer girlfriends. We could call it the Federal Communications Commission. I know, I know, pretty pie in the sky stuff. Well, fella can dream, can’t he?