Win Tix To See Patton Oswalt @ The Tower Theater

Patton Oswalt Finest Hour


Christmas in January continues at Phawker this week with, get this, tickets to see Patton Friggin’ Oswalt tomorrow night at the Tower!. This came together very last minute at the behest of Mr. Oswalt, who, like PT Anderson, personally donated tix to Phawker for giving away to our readers. What can we say? We’re flattered, and excited that two of you lucky ducks is going to Upper Darby tomorrow night! Time is short so let’s cut to the quick. To keep this interesting were gonna make this hinge on a trivia question. What is the name of the Pacific Northwest sludge-rockers with whom Oswalt released a split 7-inch back in 2006? Looking for the band name, here. Know the answer and want to go to the show tomorrow night? Shoot us an email at FEED@PHAWKER.COM with your full name and a mobile number for confirmation and the magic words ZOMBIE SPACESHIP WASTELAND. Tenth emailer with right answer wins the tix. Everyone else gets free passes to Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement “where you won’t wear a shirt and you’ll cry.” So good luck and godspeed!

WIRED: Not long ago in a galaxy not very far away, Patton Oswalt was a guest on Parks and Recreation where he delivered an epic eight-minute pitch for Star Wars: Episode VII as a filibuster to a Pawnee bill. The full spiel didn’t make the cut, but NBC put it online and people went nuts over it. Now, thanks to Nerdist, there is a full-fledged animated version of Patton’s rant – complete with Marvel Universe character cameos. The video was done by animator Daniel Spellman for Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist channel as part of YouTube’s Geek Week. Building on what might be the best un-filmed (and probably un-filmable) Star Wars movie pitch yet, the animated version brings to life a lot of the great ideas from that pitch, like Chewbacca’s head on a robotic spider thingamabob, the introduction of Thanos and Spider-Man to the Star Wars universe, and also the introduction of characters from Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans to create what Oswalt called a “giant three-franchise tie-in.” It must be seen to be believed. MORE