You’re Going To Miss The Internet When It’s Over



News reports say that Obama-appointed telecom stooge/FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is about to push through Net Neutrality rules that would let big companies discriminate against us, and break the internet as we know it. People are gathering in cities around the country to show that millions of us say no to rules that only benefit companies like Comcast, and limit our right to communicate. On November 6th, in solidarity with this nationwide action, we’ll gather at the Southwest corner of 17th and JFK Boulevard – – across the street from Comcast’s national headquarters. Bring cell phones, candles, and flashlights to shine light on the corporate-pushed corruption that is unfolding in Washington, DC, and demand a free and uncensored Internet for all. Bring umbrellas in case of rain, and be there on time so we can take a powerful picture to send to Washington! For more info go HERE.

What: Vigil in Philadelphia for the open Internet
When: November 6th, 5.30 PM Eastern
Where: SW corner of 17th and JFK, a little down the block, right across the street from the Comcast Center
Bring your cell phone, flashlight, or candle!

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