DOOBIE BROTHERS: Nutter & Kenney Pass The Peace Pipe; ‘Not Necessarily Stoned But Beautiful’


INQUIRER: It was hardly a lovefest, but Mayor Nutter [PICTURED ABOVE, LEFT] and City Councilman James Kenney [PICTURED ABOVE, RIGHT] made public peace Wednesday over the fractious run-up to their compromise this week on decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot. “I want to apologize,” Kenney said at a news conference with the mayor, whom he had unmercifully hectored during the summer for his delay in signing the councilman’s marijuana bill. “I sometimes get a little impatient when I feel strongly about something. I can get a little angry, a little red in the face.” Nutter was gracious in return, heaping praise on Kenney for the work he did to bring the bill to fruition. “He is a smart, hardworking, tenacious, focused guy,” Nutter said of Kenney, who stood beside him. “We are always going to be respectful of each other and each other’s work.” In this instance, the work was a bill that will decriminalize possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana and the public use of the drug. The bill, to be reintroduced in City Council on Thursday and expected to become law by Oct. 20. MORE

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