THE BLACK KEYS: Weight Of Love

Weight of Love from Theo Wenner on Vimeo.

ROLLING STONE: In the Black Keys’ extremely clever video for “Fever” (off their latest album, Turn Blue) Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney play sweaty televangelists slowly whipping an audience into a flat-out frenzy. The clip, directed by Theo Wenner, precisely captures the look and feel of classic late-night religious informercials, down to the rapturous crowd in Eighties hairdos catching the spirit as the song reaches its bluesy peak. Now Wenner is debuting a short film for another Turn Blue track — psychedelic opener “Weight of Love” — here, as a follow-up to his first Keys video. The two clips are definitely connected and can in fact be watched as two parts of a whole (the Keys’ informercial clip plays in the beginning and in the background at times during “Weight of Love”) but the aesthetic of the film couldn’t be more different. The gorgeous “Weight of Love” takes place in the beautiful serenity of a beach; however all isn’t peaceful. The film stars supermodel Lara Stone, who plays the head mistress of a cult of women who live in a lighthouse. The women live and work on the beach, performing creepily in sync exercises and throwing their arms rapturously into the sky as Auerbach’s scorching guitar solos echo in the background. MORE