Main Line Schocked To Learn School Kids Buy Marijuana; In Colorado Marijuana Buys Schools


INQUIRER: Scott, 25, of Haverford, and Brooks, 18, of Villanova, were accused Monday of being the leaders of a drug trafficking ring that sought to corner the trade across some of the western suburbs’ most prominent public schools. Brooks even branded the effort, allegedly describing it as “the main line take over project.” Authorities said the pair enlisted student dealers and customers at their alma mater, the Haverford School, and at Lower Merion, Harriton, Conestoga, and Radnor High Schools – all considered among the state’s elite. The network also allegedly sold drugs at a few colleges. Six other men and one woman were charged in the ring, as well as two juveniles – 17-year-olds from Radnor and Lower Merion High Schools. The charges – including conspiracy, drug distribution and sales – could land them in prison for years. Also charged in the case, authorities said, were Daniel R. McGrath, 18, of Glenolden, a current student at the Haverford School; John C. Rosemann, 20, of Connecticut, who was at Lafayette College; Christian S. Euler, 23, of Villanova, a student at Lafayette; Garrett M. Johnson, 18, a Haverford College student from New York; Reid Cohen, an 18-year-old Haverford College student from Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; and Willow L. Orr, 22, and Domenic V. Curcio, 29, both of Philadelphia. District Judge Kathleen Valentine set their preliminary hearings for May 6. One of the defendants gulped and looked as though he were trying to choke back tears as Valentine spoke. MORE

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