OMG: World Trade Center Base Jumpers

NEW YORK POST: The breath-taking video of three BASE jumpers who leaped off the Freedom Tower last fall was released Monday night as the trio were set to be arraigned in court. Daredevils James Brady, Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich — who turned themselves in on Monday afternoon — released the video of their stunt from Sept. 30 on YouTube. The leap off the 1,776-foot-tall building’s spire is seen in first person from a helmet cam. The jumper is seen plummeting for several seconds, pulling his ripcord and floating down to land safely in a West Side Highway intersection several blocks from the building. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Two mystery men, clad in all black and wearing dark helmets, parachuted into lower Manhattan before dawn Monday, landing right in front of one of the world’s largest investment banks before vanishing, police said. Cops on Monday night were still searching for the jumpers, who were captured on surveillance video after they dropped from the sky in front of the Goldman Sachs building near the World Financial Center. “At 3:07 this morning, two individuals apparently parachuted to the front of the Goldman Sachs building,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Monday. MORE