THIS JUST IN: Die Antwoord @ Electric Factory 6/8

Fearlessly and furiously fucking the dark, moist seam between art and identity like it’s the vajayjay of God, these faux-Zef art/rap/provocateurs from the land of Nelson Mandela are not only punk-as-fuck and funny-as-shit, they are — or at least were — the greatest threat to the status quo since Marcel DuChamp ripped a dirty urinal off the wall and made it high art with nothing more than the power of Because I Said So. Having said that, the new “Rich Bitch” is a bit of a letdown visually and sonically, so instead of posting it we’re gonna revisit the in utero crustaceans and Lady Gaga-bashing of 2012’s “Fatty Boom Boom.” Here’s hoping this setback is a bump in the road and not the end of their reign as the governors of my own private Idaho. Time will tell. They play the Electric Factory on June 8th. Tickets go on sale Friday at 3 PM. You have been warned.