KIEV: The Friendly Faces Of The Nice Revolution

RELATED: This is the Ukrainian response to all of the Media that broadcast false news about activists of EuroMaydan, especially Russian News Agencies that lie constantly about EuroMaydan and the people of the Ukrainian Revolution. Russian Media has been forced to deliver false news to people’s TV screens, news papers and web contents, deliberately by the Russian Government aka Mr.Putin himself. This dirty KGB+USSR mental move, is purposely made to control and influence public opinion, and if necessary to have full support from the Russian people in case Mr.Putin desires to deploy Russian Military Troops into Ukrainian Soil! Russian Media, for now more than two months, has been calling the people of EuroMaydan: extremists, terrorists, drunks, homeless’s, bandits, robbers, thief’s, outlaws, gunmen, crooks, muggers, gangsters, raiders, freebooters, hijackers, looters, marauders.This amazing video has purposely been made, for people around the world to see and judge for themselves who is fighting for Democracy and Freedom in beautiful Ukraine. MORE