Ex-FBI Hardass House Republican Mike Grimm Threatened To Throw Reporter Off Balcony For Asking About Illegal Fundraising Investigation

CNN: It started when Grimm, who’s under investigation by the Justice Department for illegal fundraising during his 2010 campaign, walked away from an on-camera interview about the State of the Union after the reporter, Michael Scotto, tried to ask him questions about the allegations. “Alright, so Congressman Michael Grimm does not want to talk about the allegations concerning his campaign finances,” Scotto said. “We wanted to get him on camera on that, but he, as you saw, refused to talk about that. Back to you.” With the camera still rolling, Grimm surges toward the reporter, who appears visibly surprised. The second-term congressman, who’s also a former Marine and former FBI agent, spoke aggressively to Scotto for about 20 seconds. NY1 broadcast the confrontation, though it bleeped out the obscenities. “Let me be clear to you: If you ever do that to me again, I’ll throw you off this f***ing balcony,” Grimm said. Scotto replied that he was just trying to ask “a valid question.” “No, no. You’re not man enough, you’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half, like a boy,” Grimm replied. MORE

RELATED:Grimm worked for the FBI as an agent for 9 years. In 2011, The New Yorker magazine reported that Grimm had been the subject of an internal investigation into allegations he abused his authority as a FBI agent in a nightclub in 1999. According to the article,[3] written by Evan Ratliff, the incident resulted from a dispute between Grimm and his date’s husband. A former NYPD officer working as a bouncer at the time said that Grimm remarked about the husband, “I’ll fucking make him disappear where nobody will find him.” Grimm reportedly then returned to the nightclub twice, pulled out his gun once, and brought FBI and NYPD officers the second time. Grimm said the article was written by a reporter “on a witch hunt” and that “this incident was fully investigated and I was cleared of all of the ridiculous and absurd allegations. To further entertain this partisan attack on my exemplary career and service to this great nation would be to give [the allegation] credence, of which it deserves none.” The New York Police Department and U.S. Justice Department have refused to release documents regarding the incident.[4][5][6] Ratliff subsequently released additional material corroborating his article.[7] MORE