#GRAMMYS: Beyonce’s Booty Breaks The Internet



WASHINGTON POST: With her hair as damp as it is in the song’s beachy video, the singer, a 17-time Grammy winner, writhed on a chair solo for much of the song, but it wasn’t until she was joined by husband Jay Z that we suddenly felt the song’s siren call. With a single, so-subtle-you-shouldn’t-have-even-noticed butt grab — and yes, the little visual Beyonce seemed to give us every time she spat the word “surfboard” — we got a peek at the chemistry between Bey and Jay, married couple. And it was way sexier than Katy Perry on a stripper pole. MORE

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PHAWKER: We can argue about whether or not Lorde winning Best Song and Best Record was Grammy justice or overreach, but on this we can all agree, her performance last night was positively mesmerizing. A star is born.