REMEMBER: Whatever Happened To Lydia Lunch?


NEW YORK TIMES: At 54, Lunch combines the louche air of an Italian starlet with the authority of a den mother. She has alabaster skin and voluptuous curves and wears her hair in a strategically choppy cut. Some might find it difficult to reconcile the Lunch smiling at her assembled guests with the Lunch whom many of her fans remember best — the self-styled nihilist and lead singer of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, a seminal ’70s No Wave band whose songs featured lyrics like “Little orphans running through the bloody snow.” She lived in a loft in downtown New York with a sign in the window that read, “The Home for Teenage Dirt,” and later performed in the sexually transgressive films of her friend Richard Kern. “She was famous,” says the writer and D.J. Jim (The Hound) Marshall, “as the first person everybody slept with when they got to New York.” (“Do you know how many teenage boys thanked me?” Lunch says.) MORE