MEDIA: The Least Trusted Name In News

Psyched to see our former colleague and Scrapple News anchorman AP Ticker, aka Frank Baker, on the cover of PW this week. AP Ticker is, among other things, The Second Most Interesting Man In The World (after the Dos Equis guy).

PW: Sounds like Ticker is quite the unsung pioneer of television news. “He actually coined the phrase, ‘We’ll be right back,’” continues Baker. “Until then, it had been very awkward for anchormen. Because they would say, ‘We’re going to be here, but we’re going to a commercial now, but we’re not actually going to leave.’ It was very long. And I just came on one day and said, ‘We’ll be right back,’ and boy, it caught on.” Frank Baker, you see, is AP Ticker. And as he sits chatting here in the Woodshop Films studio on Green Street with its owner, Marc Brodzik, and writer Brendan Skwire, it quickly becomes hard to separate fantasy from reality. Here’s what’s certain: These guys all help run the online network Scrapple TV, which is based in this studio. On the network, there’s a show called Scrapple News, anchored by a 70-year-old character named AP Ticker who takes great pleasure in shredding the news into a million pieces about once a week. MORE