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Anjelica Huston is best-known for her performances in Prizzi’s Honor, The Grifters, The Addams Family, The Royal Tenenbaums and the TV series Smash. But her new memoir about her early life, A Story Lately Told, ends just as her successful acting career begins. That part of her life will be in a second volume, now in the works. Huston is the daughter of John Huston, who directed nearly 50 films, including 1941’s The Maltese Falcon, 1948’s The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, 1951’s The African Queen and 1985’s Prizzi’s Honor, for which Anjelica won an Oscar. But things didn’t work out so well when Anjelica was a teenager starring in her father’s 1969 film, A Walk With Love And Death, which turned out to be a disaster for their relationship and her early acting career. “It seemed to me that he didn’t want me to be who I was,” Huston tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “and that was very difficult. … I felt at that time that he didn’t like me, he didn’t like who I was, he didn’t like the way I dressed, the way I looked. He was very critical of all of that.” Before Huston was born, her mother, Ricki, had given up a promising career as a ballet dancer when she married Huston’s father. She was 18; he was 43. When they married, she was pregnant with Anjelica’s brother Tony. Soon after Anjelica was born, Ricki found out her husband was cheating on her. John Huston moved the family to Ireland, where Anjelica grew up on an estate called St. Clarens. MORE