DELIVER US FROM EVIL: DA Drops Charges Against Child-Raping Priest After Accuser Dies; Calls For Other Victims To Come Forward


NBC10: Prosecutors dropped sex abuse charges against a Philadelphia priest on Wednesday, one week after his accuser died of a drug overdose. Sean McIlmail, a former alter boy under Fr. Robert Brennan, came forward in January with allegations that the priest sexually abused him 15 years ago. McIlmail was found dead last week at age 26.”Sean suffered in silence for over a decade,” Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said on Wednesday. “Sean found his own way of self-medicating, which unfortunately led to his death.” The district attorney said he dropped rape and sexual assault charges levied against the 75-year-old priest because there was no longer enough evidence — direct or circumstantial — to continue a trial. “In many cases of sexual assault whether they be victims or adults or children, really the testimony of that victim is paramount to getting a conviction,” he said. Standing alongside McIlmail’s family during the announcement, Williams called the man courageous and a voice for child sex abuse victims. Both the DA and McIlmail’s family chose to release his name with the hope that other victims will come forward. It is NBC10’s policy not to name victims of sexual abuse.MORE

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