DEAN WAREHAM: Love Is Colder Than Death

DEAN WAREHAM Love Is Colder Than Death from Dean Wareham on Vimeo.

Last week marked the release of Emancipated Hearts EP which is Wareham’s first solo effort.   Rolling Stone said, Dean Wareham is one of the great New York guitar sophisticates, crafting soft, elegant indie rock in Galaxie 500, Luna and his husband-wife duo, Dean and Britta…. (the EP) is characteristically refined and intimate, sung in a hymnlike mumble and steeped in the Velvet Underground , classical string drones, synth-pop and country music” and Pitchfork said, “Even at six tracks, it’s stunning how much life (and death) Wareham spreads over these tracks, and makes these tiny whispers of songs feel like the biggest secret anyone’s ever told you.”

PREVIOUSLY: Back in the 60s, Andy Warhol’s Factory, his studio-cum-playpen situated in a brick-walled walk-up on 47st street in Manhattan, was the epicenter of all things edgy, artsy and, ultimately, profoundly influential. Dylan, Edie Sedgwick, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Nico, and The Velvet Underground all came and went, and most sat for one of Warhol’s screen tests — a three-minute black and white stare-down between the camera and subject. There are some 500 of them in the Warhol archives. Recently the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh commissioned ex-Galaxie 500/Luna mainman Dean Wareham — whose cred as a modern day practitioner of the Velvet Underground’s distinctive brand of dreamy clangor almost qualifies him as an honorary ex-post-facto Factory habitue — to write a song cycle to accompany a selection of the screen tests. The result is 13 Most Beautiful…Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests which Wareham (along with his wife/musical foil Britta Phillips) will perform tonight at the Arts Bank as part of the Fringe Festival. Recently, we got Wareham on the horn to explain the process of bringing this project to fruition, and of course we couldn’t resist asking him if and when Galaxie 500 will reunite and make our 80s indie rock dreams come true. MORE