LET’S GET META: In No Particuluar Order My Top Five Singles Of The 21st Century…So Far

WXPN asked for my Top 5 Greatest Songs of the New Millennium #885Countdown thingee, so I gave at the office. Can’t wait to do it again next century.

WXPN’S THE KEY: Phawker’s Editor-in-Chief and founder, Jonathan Valania, is no stranger to music. A long time music critic and popular culture writer in Philly (Philadelphia Inquirer, Huffington Post, The Guardian), and (many years ago) the lead singer of the Allentown rock and roll band the Psyclone Rangers, Valania sent us over his five picks to include in WXPN’s 885 Greatest Songs of the New Millennium countdown, happening now on XPN. You can follow along with the countdown here. Below, check out Valania’s picks. MORE