SIDEWALKING: There Will Be Blood

Paul Dano, Brian Wilson concert, NYC, last night BY JONATHAN VALANIA

THE GUARDIAN: The long-mooted biopic of musician and former Beach Boy Brian Wilson is finally taking shape, with reports emerging that There Will Be Blood actor Paul Dano has been cast as Wilson in the early part of his career. The project, currently titled Love and Mercy, is set to range widely over Wilson’s life and work, which began with a blaze of glory in the 60s with surfer-pop act the Beach Boys, before the cancellation of the Smile album in 1967 and Wilson’s subsequent battles with mental illness and drug addiction. Wilson finally debuted Smile in a concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London in 2004, which presaged a fully fledged career revival. The movie was first announced a year ago by producer-director Bill Pohlad, whose most recent project was the Terrence Malick-directed The Tree of Life. Pohlad will direct Love and Mercy from a script by Oren Moverman, who wrote the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There. MORE

RELATED: Love and Mercy is an upcoming American biographical film about singer-songwriter Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys directed by Bill Pohlad. It will feature Paul Dano and John Cusack playing the young and old Brian Wilson, respectively, and with Elizabeth Banks playing Wilsons second wife, Melinda.[1] Paul Giamatti has also been cast as the controversial therapist Eugene Landy, who played a major part in Wilsons life during the 1970s and 1980s.MORE