SHUTDOWN: GOP Teatards Unring The Liberty Bell


NEWSWORKS: Tourists from around the world are being turned away today from the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other historic sites in Philadelphia since Independence National Historical Park was closed as part of the federal government’s shutdown. Only federal services deemed “essential” were protected from the midnight shutdown. Retired engineer Darrell Jahn flew to the city from Minnesota to check out the Independence National Historical Park. Now he’s packing up his bags and taking his tourist dollars to Virginia. “It’s sad. That’s all you can say,” he said. “Nobody wants to give, and so they shut it down. I hope it shuts down for a month so it really sinks in, and people really start to understand what they did.” Not all of Independence Mall will be a ghost town. The American Federation of Government Employees Local 2058 is planning an informational picket on the mall. Workers from Independence National Historical Park being furloughed today will gather at noon at 5th and Market streets.And the National Constitution Center, which is a private, non-profit institution, remains open during its regularly scheduled hours. Jane Cowley, the park’s public affairs officer, said Monday that an estimated 10,000 people visit the park each day. MORE