ARTSY: Fear & Loathing In The Fields Of The Lord


DAZED & CONFUSED: No one captures the insanity, banality, and sheer boredom of a Christian right-wing presidential primary quite like Lauren Lancaster. Debunking the highly-polished media persona of Mitt Romney and his popular supporters, expect no less than hysterical housewives, sulky boy scouts, and a blonde distractedly picking away at something between her teeth.  Despite her former focus on nautical archaelogy and recent graduation, its no shock that Lancaster has already lensed some of the most inaccessible places on earth – Kabul, Iceland’s Westfjords – for the likes of The New Yorker and Time Magazine. In her Patriots series, she accurately and adroitly captures the spectrum of an anxious, often self-conflicted, group expression. MORE

RELATED: I’ve known Lauren Lancaster and her work for some time, but I just saw her website again recently, and I was shocked by the incredible images she has made. Much like haunting film stills, the images are really unique for photojournalism, and speak to an eerie stillness in places like Kabul, UAE and The Western Front– places not known to be calm. Have a look. MORE

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Lauren Lancaster