OPERATION ORANGE FINGERS: Seattle Cops Raid Hempfest, Hand Out Doritos With ‘How Not To Get Busted’ Instructions On Them, Win Internet


ATLANTIC WIRE: The Seattle Police Department’s plan to hand out safety flyers at this weekend’s HempFest that people would actually want seems to have worked beautifully: the free Doritos attached to each flyer were gone in 10 minutes, according to the department. Each mini-package of snacks (they brought 1,000 of them) was adorned with a series of educational tips for the largest marijuana-themed festival in the world. “Don’t drive while high,” they advise, adding, “Don’t give, sell, or shotgun weed to people under 21.” Do, they say, “listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a Reasonable Volume.”  MORE

PHAWKER: Now can’t we all agree this paradigm is saner, more safe and secure, more protect and serve than THIS paradigm?