Timber Justinlake Bringing Sexy Back To The 215


Justin Timberlake, announced today he will expand The 20/20 Experience World Tour with a new date added in Philadelphia, PA (November 10). Tickets for the Philadelphia show will go on-sale Friday, August 23 at 10AM local time and will be available at ComcastTIX.com, Ticketmaster.com. Wells Fargo Center Box Office, or by-phone at 800-298-4200.

Jay-Z Dissed Philly Last Night

PREVIOUSLY:  Jay-Z is the living embodiment of the American Dream, never mind that his ticket out of the projects wasn’t rapping, but the sale and distribution of crack cocaine. At the height of his drug dealing days, when he oversaw a distribution network that extended out of Brooklyn to Trenton and down to Maryland and Virginia, he was moving upwards of a kilo of cocaine a week. At the time, the going rate for a kilo of pure coke was $20,000, but if you turned it into crack, you could quadruple your revenues, according to his business associates at the time. There are many words you could use to characterize such an operation: ruthless, immoral, felonious. But I prefer the most accurate and honest name for it: raw capitalism. MORE