CRACKERS: Local Racist A**hole Embarrasses All White People Everywhere, For The Second Time

INQUIRER: Camden County police are fed up with Darren T. Walp, the Ridley Park man who was arrested a second time Saturday on accusations that he used racial slurs and harassed people on his way to a country-music concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden. […] According to police, Walp, 33, got out of his pickup truck at a stoplight on Broadway on Saturday afternoon to grab a beer from the vehicle’s bed. Walp then began screaming racial slurs at the driver behind him, challenging the man to get out of his car, police said. The driver, a black man with a child in the car, flagged down police, who tracked Walp to the nearby Susquehanna center parking lot, where he was planning to attend a Blake Shelton concert. They charged Walp with bias intimidation, harassment, and disorderly conduct – the same charges filed against him June 22, when he was arrested after attending a Toby Keith concert at the center. In that incident, Walp “climbed the fence of the private Royal Court residential complex near the concert venue and began waving a Confederate flag and shouting racial slurs at residents,” police said. MORE