OPEN LETTER: Dear Philadelphia Parking Authority


Earlier today I saw one of your parking Nazis give a green-lettered Federal Express truck on N. 3rd & New a $76 ticket during a two minute delivery. Green-letter Fed Ex trucks are driven by private contractors, they have to pay their own tickets — welcome to late period capitalism. The driver told me your parking Nazi knows this and this was the second ticket she gave him since this morning. He told me he makes $120 dollars a day. So not only did he make NOTHING today for humping packages in the summer swelter for eight hours, it actually COST HIM $30. This was no kid, either, but a 50something man with a family. PPA parking rules are arbitrary at best and designed to make money, not improve parking in the city. Your meter maids are merciless and predatory, taking money from those who can least afford it. Rich people don’t park on the street. You are like Robin Hood in reverse. So on behalf of hardworking Philadelphians everywhere, you can take your million dollar PR charm offensive — the smiley face Twitter stream, w/ your ‘how to keep cool’ tips and parking coupons and ‘free parking Wednesdays’ — and go f*ck yourselves.