TONIGHT: White Light/White Heat


“And The Birds…” is the lead-off single from Light Heat’s seven-years-in-the-making(!) eponymous debut on Ribbon Music, which drops today. Light Heat is the new latest project of former Mazarin (look it up, kids) mainman Quentin Stoltzfus, who will perform at 7:30 tonight at AKA Music. You will smile. Resistance is futile.

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: Quentin Stoltzfus goes under the nom-de-rock Mazarin, probably because it’s easier to pronounce than Stoltzfus. However, this disc is pronounced terrific. Stoltzfus is the drummer for Philly space cadets The Azusa Plane, but unlike that band’s astral aspirations, WATCH IT HAPPEN is pop of the purest kind. Wonderful and sweet, it’s capable of inducing a giddy, intoxicating high–if you love pop, that is. And this recording is impossible not to love. Beautiful ballads, gorgeous vocals, and catchy hooks careen and collide with one another like protons in a particle accelerator. MORE

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