BEING THERE: It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But I Like It

The Rolling Stones, Wells Fargo Center, last night 9:05 pm by VIC SUEDE

EDITOR’S NOTE: Powerful east coast storms that grounded us for 12 hours at Atlanta International yesterday put the kibosh on our Rolling Stones concert coverage plans. Our apologies.

RELATED: About to turn 70 next month, the impossibly fit and thin Jagger not only strutted from the opening chords of “Get Off of My Cloud,” but at the very end of the show still was running and dancing along a long tongue-shaped walkway into the audience. He not only sang sharp and high from the start, but through the night sang sustained falsetto on the 1980 hit “Emotional Rescue” (as he ran along the walkway) and sang fearlessly on “Tumbling Dice” late in the show. Rolling Stones Live 1He also was intense on “Gimme Shelter” with backup singer Lisa Fisher and especially emphatically on two new songs from the band’s 50th anniversary compilation, “GRRR!” (More about that later.) Jagger also performed with intensity, asking the near-sellout, heavily invested crowd “Are you ready for a little bit more?” before shaking feverishly on “Brown Sugar,” one of the best songs of the night. But The Rolling Stones aren’t just Jagger. Through the night, guitarists Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood wove their riffs and rhythms astonishingly. The second song, “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It),” found them firing licks at each other. Those great licks are hallmarks of The Rolling Stones – distinctive and instantly recognizable from Richards on “Honky Tonk Woman,” another of the night’s best, and punching like a chain mail glove on “Start Me Up.” MORE