NPR 4 THE DEAF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t


In the film Frances Ha, Greta Gerwig stars as the title character, a 27-year-old living a good but not particularly successful post-college life in New York City. Frances becomes unmoored, though, when her best friend decides to move out of the apartment they share and move on with her own independent life. It’s a turning point Gerwig says is a common experience for many young people who’ve struggled in the years after college, when adolescence is lingering and adulthood has yet to fully coalesce. That period, however, must end — and it’s that transition the movie explores. “There’s a grace period where being a mess is charming and interesting,” Gerwig tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, “and then I think when you hit around 27 it stops being charming and interesting, and it starts being kind of pathological, and you have to find a new way of life. Otherwise, you’re going to be in a place where the rest of your peers have been moving on, and you’re stuck.”  MORE