CONTEST: Win Tix To See The Presets @ UT Sun.


Though we’ve already filed these guys under THOSE WHO DID NOT LIVE THRU THE ’80S ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT THEM AND HAVING LIVED THRU THEM WE WOULD NOT WISH THEM ON ANYBODY but be that as it may, the kids have spoken. Two million views on YouTube can’t be wrong, right?And besides, we do like this dude’s taste in headwear. Anybody who wears a hat like that can’t be all bad.  As such, we have a pair of tix to give away Presets & Dragonette, who have similarly dubious taste in decades, at Union Transfer on Sunday. To qualify for the ticket giveaway, all you need to do is drop us a note at FEED@PHAWKER.COM telling us you have signed up for our mailing list (SEE beneath our masthead to the right) with the words HOW SOON IS NOW in the subject line. Trust us, you want to sign up for our mailing list. Among other perks, you will get first crack at future concert ticket giveaways. Include your full name and a mobile number for confirmation. The 15th person to sign up for our mailing list wins! Good luck and godspeed!