Mayor Condemns Philly Mag’s ‘Being White In Philly’

TECHBOOK ONLINE: Standing before the National Coalition of 100 Black Women today, Mayor Michael Nutter exclaimed “Someone has written something in a magazine in Philadelphia and made some pretty disgusting comments about African-Americans — women in particular. Growing increasingly passionate, Mayor Nutter states: “Everyone should be offended that someone would have the audacity that let out of their mind, and into print — such disgusting comments about our people,” adding “When ignorance is out in the marketplace, it affects us all. As a Black man for West Philadelphia, I will not allow anyone to run us down.” MORE

PHILLY’S BLACK INTELLECTUALS: On the first day of Spring, Wednesday March 20th, Philadelphia’s Intellectual Black male community will be gathered in Love Park to celebrate “Being in Philly”, and has invited “White in Philly” writer Bob Hubert [sic] for a “Talk in the Park”. With the goal to collectively “Spring Forward” pass perceptions and stereotypes through intellectual dialogue and discourse that focuses on outcomes and interactive cultural understandings […] The organizers of “Being in Philly” have stressed that they’re: “not looking to rally or intimidate Mr. Huber with a large group of people.” They explain, “We simply want to talk, exchange ideas through conversations of culture and embrace under the Love Park sign.” MORE

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