OUTTAKE: Devendra Banhart On Hugo Chavez


“I don’t know a single person that lives in Venezuela that supports Chavez and I know plenty of people that live here that are all about him. They think he’s a wonderful guy, the underdog that socked it to America. To them he’s a superhero. But I don’t know a single person living in Venezuela that has anything good to say about the guy. What has he changed? It’s a shame because I do love Venezuela. I feel very Venezuelan when I’m not there, I feel very American when I’m there. But there’s a deep, just-get-out-while-you-can sinking feeling that at least permeates my generation. […] I don’t know a single person that actually supports Chavez or thinks he’s done anything different and it’s a very, very sad thing. It’s a horrible feeling. I don’t want to feel good for somebody who’s sick. I don’t want to feel like, great, I hope they die. That’s a horrible thing to think, I don’t want to think that. But, it’s like a military state. It’s totally run by, like, a paranoid, war megalomaniacal czar. It’s just, like a mess.”— DEVENDRA BANHART, from the March issue of MAGNET MAGAZINE

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