LOL: Russian Car Dashboard Crash Cam Compendium

As we all learned in the wake of last week’s meteorite apocaplypse, every Russian car is equipped with dashboard cams because accidents are so common — along with drunken road rage rumbles and insurance scammers that run into oncoming cars in the hopes of getting paid — and neither judges nor insurance companies will take anyone at their word without photographic proof. Here’s a must-see compendium of the every day insanity unleashed every day on Russian roads: Flipped cars, jack-knifed tractor trailers, T-boned trucks and highways buzzed by low-flying Russian MIGs. This is funnier than all three Jackasses combined in that ow-my-balls kinda way. We especially love the pedestrian that slams into the windshield at like 50 MPH and then just walks away like nothing happened. Or the guy in the head on collision that grabs his lunch pail and nonchalantly walks away seemingly oblivious to his grotesquely shattered ankle. Or the pedestrian that nearly gets creamed by a clueless driver and kicks in the car’s grill in anger and then courteously picks up the broken pieces and stacks them on the hood. But the most shocking thing about all this, besides how failure-prone Russian cars and infrastructure is — thank you Karl Marx — and how reckless Russian drivers are, is how non-plussed everyone is by all the mayhem, which is what happens when A) You down a bottle of Stoli for breakfast just to make the daily shitstorm semi-bearable 2) your country of origin is one long, never-ending black comedy, starring everyone!