BY JONATHAN VALANIA FOR THE PHILLY POST At the police press conference yesterday, there were no good answers, just cold hard facts. The killer was neither a spurned lover nor a serial killer, not a rapist nor a thief. The killer was not — much to the palpable disappointment of the comments section trolls of — a dark-skinned predator from the north or the west come to prey upon the white, weak and well-off.

It was a white guy from the suburbs who kills bugs for a living.

Out of all its awful attributes, the banality of evil is the hardest to comprehend. How could a crime so heinous be committed by a monster so ordinary? What does it say about the condition of humanity that a man could beat and hogtie a petite woman in her own home, methodically choke the life out of her, set her face on fire and then calmly melt away into the suburbs to watch American Idol with the family?


And that’s what makes this crime so vexing. MORE

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