HOT DOC: Inky/DN Owners Threaten To Liquidate Both Papers In A Week If Guild Doesn’t Play Ball


Dear Guild member,

Interstate General Media today threatened to liquidate or sell the
assets the company, which owns the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia
Daily News and, as of January 18, 2013 if it does not reach
tentative agreements with all of its unions, including the Newspaper

As you know, our contract expires in October 2013 while the other ten
union contracts expired in October 2012.

Last summer, IGM ownership asked that the Guild volunteer to take pay
cuts a year ahead of our contract expiration in order to help the
company which was hemorrhaging money. The company seeks to cut $8
million out of our wages and benefits.

While bargaining with the other unions, the company shamefully, and
repeatedly assured the other groups that the Guild would be opening
its contract and giving concessions at this time. Nice of them to have
such confidence that we simply couldn’t wait to give up our pay.

When they acquired the company in April, Interstate General Media was
well aware that the Newspaper Guild had a contract in place through
October 2013. It was also at this time that owners George Norcross and
Lewis Katz both stressed how much the newspapers meant to them and how
they were in this business for the long haul. We will not be held out
as scapegoats, to be blamed for not bargaining a new agreement while
we have one standing. The owners are smart businessmen who do not leap
into business deals or investments blindly.

While bullying and scare tactics might be have helped at least one of
the owners to make his millions, that’s a horrible way for a company
responsible for publishing newspapers vital to the public trust, to

As an example of the kind of fiscal foolishness we are dealing with,
at the same time it threatens us and claims to be on the verge of
liquidation, Interstate General Media is also issuing a buyout program
today, using money it claims not to have to get our members to leave.

The company also continues to hire.

We are unwilling to once again bail out an ownership group without
full access to the company’s books and a realistic discussion of
future revenue plans.

In solidarity,

Dan Gross, President,
Bill Ross, Executive Director,
and the Executive Board of the Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America Local 38010

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