VIDEO: 76ers Fan Shoots Bulls Fan On The Subway

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NBC 10: In the mutli-angle video you see two teenage males — one in a blue hooded vest and one in a gray hoodie — standing by the door of the subway car apparently arguing with some other men, at least one of whom was wearing Chicago Bulls gear. Police blurred the faces of the victims. As the train pulls up to the station at 46th and Market Streets at 10:38 p.m. you see the two teens turn away from the Bulls fan as the Bulls fan stands behind them. The train then stops, the doors open and suddenly one of the young men turns around, pulls out a small semi-automatic handgun and shoots back into the train knocking a Bulls fan backwards. One of the Bulls fans was hit in the stomach and the bullet continued through his body and hit an innocent bystander in the leg. The bystander was out of the hospital by Thursday afternoon while the Bulls fan remained in stable condition. MORE