INCOMING: Q&A w/ John Waters, Lord Of The Trash

In honor of Mr. Waters coming to town next Thursday to mount his one-man Christmas show at the Troc, we will be re-running our 2010 Q&A with him. Discussed: LSD, outsider porn, fuzzy sweaters, uptight gay bars, Charlie Manson, Johnny Mathis, censorship, why the Chipmunks are far superior to the Beatles, and why he hasn’t made a film in years. Look for it Friday on a Phawker near you!

RELATED: Just when you think you can’t stand to hear another Christmas carol, here I come with a holiday treat that will make you actually appreciate the insanity of the Yuletide season. Wrap this CD as a gift to yourself, pretend you forgot what it is and act surprised when you open it. Close your eyes and imagine you’re with me at my house Christmas morning listening to favorite carols. What better music to open your Xmas stocking with than “Fat Daddy (is Santa Claus)”?! Fat Daddy — Baltimore’s one-time coolest rhythm and blues disc jockey, host of “Negro Day” on “The Buddy Deane Show”, and my inspiration for the Motor Mouth Maybelle character in “Hairspray” — never sounded so lovely, so cheery, so ripe to be asked over for eggnog. Maybe Tiny Tim could join us. No Mrs. Miller, this eccentric but brilliant performer may have been a novelty act in his day, but when he sings, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” like a Christmas canary, he’s no joke in my house. MORE